Prodigal Son

Natural, more towards sour than overly or artificially sweet strawberries and cream. Prodigal Son has a hint of sourness to give that strawberry its natural taste while having a subtle quark undertone in the cream for a more complex and distinct experience. The flavor profile was crafted on purpose to be less sweet than most similar flavor profiles which makes Prodigal Son a perfect all day vape.

Zero Sixteen

Desert lovers choice, Zero Sixteen is a complex yet well-rounded pistachio ice cream cone which has a very creamy, almost custardy vanilla ice cream base with caramel toffee drizzled on top. This flavor profile is one of those rare ones which you will find hard to get enough of.


Cinnamon roll with heavy apple jam. Peacemaker is a smooth cinnamon roll with a strong and delicious apple jam. The cinnamon bun is extremely soft and subtle which doesn't come overpowering at any point of the experience. This flavor is one of our less complex ones but so well balanced that if you are in to apple and cinnamon flavored liquids you won't be able to resist it.

About Us

Manufacturing Process

When we say handcrafted in limited quantities we really do mean what we say. Our line is made in small batches for custom orders. However, KATT Distribution OÛ as a company is currently in the process of finilizing molecular manufacturing process of the flavors. Being in control of the complete manufacturing process from start to finish gives us the advantage to produce as consistent and pure liquids as today’s technology is capable of offering.


Because of the difference of e-liquid regulations in different market areas we have chosen to abide for each specific market area seperately. For European markets we manufacture in accordance with the European TPD standards and regulations with the data submitted to the respective body of governance. We also comply our packaging in accordance with the laws and regulations of different market areas across the globe.

Quality Standards

Our flavor concentrates are produced in a HACCP certified environment and are manufactured using only pharmaceutical grade ingredients. The EU based production facility complies with GMP guidelines and is DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 certified. All KATT Liquids concentrate batches are comprehensively quality checked with modern analytic methods. We follow closely all EU laws and regulations and have compliance procedures in place to meet the high standards:

1) In conformity with European food flavors regulations 1334/2008
2) Do not contain colorants or preservatives
3) Without CMR (Carcinogen – Mutagen – Reprotoxic)
4) Non-GMO (Non-Genetically Modified Organism)

Flavor Development Process

Before we launch our liquids to the market our developing process goes through three following stages:

1) Just like an artist starts with an idea and an empty canvas we start with a flavor profile in mind which we in the first stage manufacture never less than in 15 different versions to fully understand how the base flavors and molecules interact and compliment each other. After this data is collected and analyzed we continue with the chosen profiles to the second stage.

2) After the initial filtering we submit samples to our beta testers. This group of people has extensive experience in the industry and they are crucial in our development process as they are able to contribute their knowledge and experience in to our development process. This insures us that we can meet the highest standards and criteria for highly refined flavor profiles.

3) The last phase of testing we do in co-operation with a specific group of shop owners and their trusted customers. At this point we prepare for the pre-launch with our key partners before moving forward with international distribution.

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